Confiscation of 1000 Acres in the West Bank: Write to the Israeli Ambassador and your MP

On Sunday the government of Israel announced it would declare 1000 acres of land in the West Bank as state land, paving the way for the building of more settlements. For a more detailed explanation of what this means, please click here. Israel’s allies have asked her to reverse the decision.

At a moment when negotiations continue over Gaza, and there are attempts to find a long term solution to the conflict, after a summer in which so many people lost their lives, everything possible must be done to bring the two parties together. The fact that the announcement, which is believed to the biggest seizure of land in the past 30 years, comes at such a critical moment, puts negotiations in grave danger. It sends a message that there is no reward for diplomacy.

If you are concerned by this announcement please write to the Israeli ambassador and also your MP to let them know, and ask them to do what they can to ensure the decision is reversed and that the two parties are brought together to chart  a way forward for peace.

You can write to the Ambassador by clicking here.

You can write to your MP by clicking here.

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