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Labour needs to realise Jews’ identity is inexorably linked to Israel

Yachad’s director Hannah Weisfield response to Jon Lansman’s claim Labour was right to reject the IHRA definition of antisemitism in The Jewish Chronicle. July 13 2018   “Lansman is correct that there are many Jews who are critical – to different degrees – of policies of the Israeli government. Yachad has not once shied away from criticising the Israeli government but has always felt the IHRA definition reflects the vast majority of Jewish opinion. It makes it explicitly clear that it does not see harsh criticism of Israel as antisemitic. It is entirely possible to criticise Israel and fight antisemitism at the same time.”… READ MORE »

Young people today expect more from their tours in Israel

Yachad youth worker Amos Schonfield says we must embrace the debate — not shut it down — if we want young people to care about Israel The Jewish Chronicle, July 05 2018 “We have made significant progress here in the UK, in partnership with youth movements and other communal organisations, in broadening the scope of content on organised Israel tour programmes, but there is still much more to be done. The participants I led on the Yachad Student Trip last year visited the unrecognised village of Umm al-Khair and met young Bedouin Palestinians who hadn’t slept for two weeks because… READ MORE »

Corbyn’s right of return call ‘doesn’t square’ with support for two-state solution

Jewish News, June 27, 2018.   Tweeting in response to Corbyn, British Jewish group Yachad said: “This statement is contradictory – you can’t accept the Palestinian demand to settle in sovereign Israel and have a ‘real two-state settlement’. So which one is it – the right of return or the #TwoStateSolution?”   To read the full piece click here.

What’s stopping Israel from completing the separation barrier?

Maya Ilany, Yachad’s deputy director in The Jewish News, June 15 2018   “It is the political calculations of the settler movement, as opposed to security concerns, that resulted in this bill being voted down in the Knesset, proving again, that it is ideology that often drives decisions that are purported to be carried out in the name of security. Any supporter of Israel who wants the country to have a safe and secure future must ask themselves who will pay the price for these political games?”   To read the full piece click here.

Jeremy Corbyn fails to condemn militants in fresh attack on Israel

Reports on our response to Jeremy Corbyn’s statement in The Jewish News and The Jewish Chronicle, June 6 2018: The Jewish News: “A spokeswoman for Yachad said: “Corbyn’s failure to mention Hamas’s role in the demonstrations, or that there were armed protesters at the border fence, is a serious misrepresentation of what has been taking place at the Israeli-Gaza border. He entirely dismisses the legitimate security concerns that Israel faces.” Click here to read the full article.   The Jewish Chronicle: “Yachad UK, which campaigns for a two-state solution, condemned Mr Corbyn’s statement, calling it “a serious misrepresentation” of events on… READ MORE »

Yachad’s statement on the barrage of rockets from Gaza in the Jewish News

Hannah Weisfeld, Yachad’s director and founder, in The Jewish News, May 22 2018   Yachad’s Hannah Weisfeld said “firing indiscriminately into a civilian population is unacceptable and should be wholeheartedly condemned”. She added: “Without a political agreement and the leadership to forge one, violence on the Gaza border will continue with all peoples living in a constant state of fear.”

Our community risks tearing itself apart if we do not recognise there are multiple truths

Hannah Weisfeld, Yachad’s director and founder, in The Jewish Chronicle, May 30 2018   “The sad reality about the debate raging in the British Jewish community about how we should respond to the violent events of the past few week is that it masks the most important question which is how to prevent another round of violence, and what role we have as British Jewish supporters of Israel in lending our support to those on the ground who are desperately searching for a political resolution to this conflict. Because when the dead are buried, the one truth that will remain is that… READ MORE »

As a proud Israeli I want peace. Killing Gazans won’t bring that

Maya Ilany, Yachad’s deputy director in The Guardian, May 16 2018   “The Israeli government, which leads a state founded by Jewish refugees from all over the world 70 years ago who chose to take their fate into their own hands, is saying that the status quo is the only option. Meanwhile Palestinians are paying for the lack of brave leadership with their blood. Even if – for the sake of argument – all those who were killed on Monday had been terrorists, and the soldiers had no other choice, what next? What is the Israeli and Palestinian leadership doing to… READ MORE »

Hannah Weisfeld On BBC Asian Network’s Big Debate

14 May 2018 Yachad’s Director, Hannah Weisfeld, On BBC Asian Network’s Big Debate:  “This idea that two people living in a perpetual state of conflict and occupation and war will be able to live indefinitely like that… There’s no historical precedence for that at all. If you look at the reality on the ground today, it might be holding temporarily in a very unpleasant way but it won’t hold long-term.”