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A message from an Israeli resident of the Gaza border region

I’m sure that, like us, you are deeply worried by the recent escalation in the Gaza region in the past 24 hours, with over 200 rockets fired from the strip at last count. Though we all follow the news updates regularly here in the UK, it is difficult to grasp what Israelis in the frontline are facing 24/7. It is important to listen to the voices of civilians on the ground. That’s why we are sharing with you this message from Roni Keidar. Roni lives on the border of Gaza in a Moshav called Nativ Ha’asara and is an active member of an… READ MORE »

Israeli Knesset passes controversial Nation State Bill

The Nation State bill puts Israel’s future as a Jewish and democratic state at risk and British Jews must speak up against it. Passed last night in the Knesset, the bill declares that the Jewish people “have an exclusive right to national self-determination” in Israel, downgrades Arabic as an official language, states that advancing Jewish settlement is a national interest, but makes no mention of equality or minority rights. This bill runs counter to Israel’s Declaration of Independence which enshrines freedom and democracy for all Israelis irrespective of their faith, race or sex. As British Jews who enjoy the protection… READ MORE »

Israeli Minister Blocks Top Brain Researcher Because She Protested the Occupation

As a pro-Israel and pro-democracy organisation we support freedom of speech and believe that silencing voices with which we disagree is wrong. That is why we have always been clear about the fact that we do not support the Boycott Divestment Sanctions (BDS) movement whether that is in an economic, cultural or academic sphere. However, it is difficult to defend a boycott of Israel when the Israeli government itself is boycotting academics based on their views. Israeli Science Minister Ofir Akunis blocked the decision of the professional team at the Ministry of Science to appoint the leading Israeli brain researcher,… READ MORE »

45 rockets, mortars fired from Gaza – 20 June 2018

Another sleepless night for Israeli communities surrounding the Gaza Strip with Code Red sirens sounded all night long from 1:14 am until 5:51 am. More than 40 rockets and mortar shells fired at Israel from Gaza last night, some causing damage. Seven intercepted by Iron Dome, three landed inside Gaza. One mortar shell exploded on a pathway near a nursery in Eshkol Regional Council. These barrages were commenced after the Israeli Air Force struck a Hamas post in response to incendiary balloons launched from the strip in recent weeks. Firing indiscriminately into a civilian population is an unacceptable use of… READ MORE »

Shin Bet declares: Stabbing in Afula yesterday was a terror attack

12 June 2018 18-year-old Shuva Malka was stabbed on the street in Afula yesterday. Malka was on her way to a matriculation examination in citizenship when the stabber approached her. She is now hospitalized and in serious condition. It is unacceptable that children are being stabbed on their way to school. We wholeheartedly condemned this act of terror and wish her a speedy and complete recovery. Originally posted on Yachad’s Facebook page

Former Israeli army spokesman says there’s no military solution to Gaza

Israel has to talk to Hamas. The solution to Gaza isn’t a military one, but rather a political and diplomatic one. A must read by former Israeli army spokesman Peter Lerner. Peter Lerner, Haaretz, 06 June 2018. “Israel lacks vision regarding Gaza. All of the options appear to be military force, but even those have been tried and exhausted. The human cost of Israel retaking Gaza from Hamas by military means would be heavy, and would have no guarantee of success in terms of defeating the idea of Hamas – not to mention the possibility of creating a vacuum that could… READ MORE »

Yachad’s response to Jeremy Corbyn’s Gaza statement

  Corbyn’s failure to mention Hamas’s role in the demonstrations, or that there were armed protestors at the border fence, is a serious misrepresentation of what has been taking place at the Israeli-Gaza border. He entirely dismisses the legitimate security concerns that Israel faces. It is possible to both recognise Israel’s grave security challenges, whilst also expressing concern, or even criticising the conduct of the IDF at the Gaza border. They are not mutually exclusive positions. The black and white representation of these issues that has taken places in recent weeks, on all sides of the debate, does nothing to… READ MORE »

28 mortar shells fired from Gaza, one lands in kindergarten – 29 May 2018

After 28 mortar shells fired from Gaza, on Tuesday, 29 May, Yachad said: This morning the largest barrage of rocket fire hit southern Israel since the 2014 Israel-Gaza war (Operation Protective Edge). Thankfully no one was injured despite the rockets falling as children were starting to make their way to school and one rocket falling in a kindergarten backyard. Firing indiscriminately into a civilian population is an unacceptable use of force and should be wholeheartedly condemned. Without a political agreement, and political leadership in the region and the international community to forge one, the violence on the Gaza border will continue… READ MORE »

Official reply from the Board of Deputies in response to Yachad’s letter

We have now received an official reply from the Board of Deputies in response to the letter Yachad supporters’ signed to express their concern about the statement issued by the Board of Deputies about the Gaza crisis.    You can read the response in full by clicking here.   It is disappointing that it failed to address one of the key concerns we raised, related to how the Board of Deputies canvasses the opinions of the British Jewish community to ensure that it represents the wide range of views that exist when it releases public statements.   Jonathan Arkush, the current president, and… READ MORE »

The relocation of the US embassy to Jerusalem is a foolish decision designed to inflame tensions in the region

14 May 2018 London, UK – British, Jewish pro-Israel group Yachad has said that the move of the US embassy to Jerusalem, planned to take place on Monday 14th May, to coincide with Jerusalem Day, is designed to inflame tensions at an already highly volatile time. Speaking on the eve of the move, at the same time that American dignitaries were sitting down for a meal with Prime Minister Netanyahu Yachad director, Hannah Weisfeld, issued a harsh rebuke of the decision of President Donald Trump to move the embassy: “The decision by President Trump to move the US embassy as… READ MORE »