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Statement on Ami Ayalon event at King’s College London, 19/01/16

Yachad has brought Ami Ayalon, former director of the Shin Bet, to the UK for a series of events this week. Every public event in a Jewish communal space has been full to capacity with excellent discussions. Yesterday (Tuesday) evening, Yachad held an event in partnership with Kings and LSE Israel Societies. The event took place at the Kings College Building on the Strand. Whilst some of what happened at the event has already been documented on social media, some important details have been left out. Ami arrived at the venue 30 minutes before it was due to take place,… READ MORE »

Yitzhak Rabin: 20 years later

This week marks 20 years since the assassination of Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin. On the 4th of November, 1995, Rabin was shot twice in the back after leaving the stage of a 100,000 person strong rally for peace in central Tel Aviv. His murderer, an Orthodox Jewish law student named Yigal Amir, was arrested on the scene, and has been in prison since. The blood-stained lyrics to Shir LaShalom (A Song of Peace) were found in Rabin’s pocket. As Israel commemorates Rabin’s death, we should take the time to consider his life and legacy. We don’t have a crystal… READ MORE »

Statement on the British academics’ boycott

27/10/15 We are saddened to see over 340 British academics support an academic boycott of Israel today in the Guardian. Academic freedom should be sacrosanct, and, at a time of continued violence and tensions in Israel, the West Bank and Gaza, what is needed is deeper engagement and dialogue, not the slamming of doors and burning of bridges. An academic boycott will only punish the many institutions and academics who are working to create a better reality on the ground. The words of last week’s letter from the Culture for Coexistence group about cultural boycotts ring doubly true for academics:… READ MORE »

Mahmoud Abbas and Ahmed Mansara

16/10/15 – 13:19 Two days ago, PA President Mahmoud Abbas claimed in a televised address that Ahmed Mansara, a 13 year-old from East Jerusalem who, with his 15 year-old cousin, stabbed a Jewish teen and man, had been executed “in cold blood”. Yesterday, the Israeli Government Press Office released photos of Ahmed alive at Hadassah hospital in Jerusalem. “I went there to stab Jews,” he said. It was incredibly irresponsible of Abbas to claim that Israel “executed” Mansara. Given the role of photographs and claims of violence against Palestinians in motivating the current wave of attacks, this can only have… READ MORE »

The current wave of violence

14/10/15 – 17:26 One Israeli woman has been wounded in a stabbing attack near the Jerusalem Central Bus Station. The attacker was killed by police on the scene. Earlier today, an attempted stabbing near the Old City was averted, and the attacker was also killed on the scene. It’s important, as we discuss and process recent events, not to forget the context – on both sides. As we have seen, Palestinian social media has been awash with gruesome images, cartoons and Facebook posts encouraging terror attacks. Some Palestinian leaders have encouraged the deterioration in the situation, including by continuing to… READ MORE »

The news from Jerusalem

9pm, Thursday 8th October 2015 As you will have probably seen by now, Israel is again immersed in a cycle of violence. Today alone, at least 7 Israelis have been injured in a series of separate stabbing attacks across Israel and the West Bank, in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Afula and Hebron. On Saturday evening two Israelis were killed in the old city of Jerusalem, and last week , Eitam and Naama Henkin were shot dead whilst driving down a road between the settlements of Elon Moreh and Itamar. Their four young children were in the car and witnessed the murder… READ MORE »

Our hopes and prayers this Rosh Hashanah

Dear Friend The staff and board of Yachad would like to wish you and your families a healthy and happy new year. The world is experiencing a moment of great unrest and upheaval, and I am sure you will join us in hoping and praying that this coming year will bring some much needed peace and relief for those caught up in the turmoil. Yachad remains committed to making whatever contribution we can towards advancing a political resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. I hope you will consider supporting Yachad this Rosh Hashanah to do this vital work in an ever more fraught… READ MORE »

PM Netanyahu’s visit to the UK

Dear Friend Please sign this letter to David Cameron ahead of Netanyahu’s visit to the UK In early September Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will visit the UK on a parliamentary visit. He is expected to meet with Prime Minister David Cameron to discuss a number of issues. The Iran deal is likely to be top of Prime Minister Netanyahu’s agenda. According to news reports, Prime Minister Cameron plans to discuss the situation in the Gaza Strip, stalled Israeli-Palestinian peace talks, and the Syrian civil war. This is an opportunity for us as British Jews to ask our own elected officials… READ MORE »

The occupation is destroying Israel

Dear Friend The news from Israel in the last twenty-four hours is tragic. The stabbings of six people at a Gay Pride march in Jerusalem and the horrifying news that overnight a Palestinian home was set fire to by settlers, resulting in the murder of a one year old baby boy who was burnt to death. Our thoughts and prayers are with all the victims of these heinous crimes. Also this week, the Israeli high court ordered the demolition of two structures built on privately owned Palestinian land in the settlement of Beit El. The IDF were met with protestors trying to prevent the… READ MORE »

Statement after murder of Ali Dawabsha & stabbing at Jerusalem Pride

Last night, Ali Saad Dawabsha, a baby from the Palestinian village of Douma, near Nablus, was murdered in a firebomb attack by Jewish terrorists. Earlier yesterday evening, 6 people were stabbed at the Jerusalem Pride parade by an ultra-Orthodox Jewish terrorist. Our thoughts and prayers are with Dawabsha’s family – currently in hospital – and with the victims of the attack in Jerusalem. The attacks have been condemned by Prime Minister Netanyahu and figures from across Israeli politics, and we join Jews around the world in echoing their condemnation. We call on the authorities to do their utmost to bring… READ MORE »