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Say no to annexation

Last night Prime Minister Netanyahu and Benny Gantz, leader of the Blue-White Party, signed a coalition agreement in Israel, bringing to an end a year of electoral stalemate after three successive elections. The agreement also brings into the coalition two of the three Labour Party Members of Knesset and greenlights the potential annexation of the West Bank.  The agreement states that Prime Minister Netanyahu can bring the ‘understandings with the Trump administration’ in relation to annexing territory in the West Bank to a vote, either in the cabinet or the Knesset, from July 1st. The annexation of territory will be… READ MORE »

Yachad’s Online Events and Resources

In light of the Covid-19 outbreak, we are sharing with our community the best online resources and recordings of events on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The Wall and the Gate: Michael Sfard in conversation with Jonathan Freedland Award-winning journalist Jonathan Freedland in conversation with Israel’s leading human rights lawyer, Michael Sfard, about his new book ‘The Wall and the Gate’. Through recounting some of the key cases he has been involved in, the book examines the core ethics of legal human rights work in Israel, and the dilemma of bringing cases related to the occupation for judgment in Israel’s High Court… READ MORE »

Message to our supporters

Given the unusual situation we find ourselves in, like many organisations, we have made a decision to cancel our Annual Campaign Evening, which was scheduled for Sunday 3rd of May. Our top priority is the health and well-being of all those who would have attended, and, given the timing of the event, we have no other choice. In the meantime, this presents us with a challenge of our own. This evening is our biggest fundraising event of the year where we raise 25% of our annual budget. Without it, Yachad is going to struggle to continue business as usual –… READ MORE »

Yachad Welcomes Government Announcement on Settlement Expansion Plans

25/02/2020, LONDON The British-Jewish movement for a two-state solution in Israel-Palestine, Yachad, welcomes the UK government condemnation of Israel’s plans to expand settlements in southern Jerusalem. The new Middle East Minister, James Cleverly, urged Israel to “to reverse this decision immediately.” In a statement[1], the Minister said that the construction of “illegal” Settlement in Givat Hamatos and Har Homa “undermines the viability of a future Palestinian state with its capital in East Jerusalem”. This statement is a response to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s announcement[2] last week of plans to build 3,000 homes in a new Jewish neighborhood in East Jerusalem’s… READ MORE »

Recent flare up between Israel and Gaza

This morning, more than 60,000 Israeli students will not go to school. Instead, they will stay at home due to the renewed violence between Israel and the Gaza strip. Last night the Israeli military struck Islamic Jihad targets in Gaza and Syria in response to rocket attacks on southern Israel. One of those rockets struck the yard of a house in the city of Sderot, near the Gaza strip. Our thoughts are with the residents of the Gaza border region who deserve to live in peace and security. Firing indiscriminately into a civilian population is unacceptable and should be wholeheartedly… READ MORE »

Yachad Calls BoD’s response to the UN’s list of companies operating in settlements is “hypocritical and misguided”

Yachad’s response to the BoD comment about UN’s list of companies operating in West Bank settlements: “The BoD’s response to the UN’s list of companies operating in settlements is hypocritical and misguided. The claim that the UN singles out Israel is simply wrong. In truth, this is something the UN does regularly – they have previously published lists of companies involved with Myanmar’s army, the conflict in the DRC and various other conflicts. “By opposing this distinction between Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories, it is actually the BoD that is singling out Israel and asking to exempt it of… READ MORE »

British Jewish group calls the UK to reject Trump’s plan of “perpetual occupation and conflict”

29/01/2020, LONDON The British-Jewish movement for a two-state solution in Israel-Palestine, Yachad, calls the UK government to reject Trump’s “one-sided” deal which will lead to “perpetual occupation and conflict”. The plan includes US recognition of Israeli annexation of settlements in the occupied West Bank. Reacting to Tuesday’s announcement, Yachad, which represents thousands of Zionist British Jews, said: “Annexation will not only destroy any chance of a viable Palestinian state, it will also risk Israel’s hard-won peace with Jordan, widely acknowledged as one of Israel’s most important strategic assets.” The group said it is “alarmed” that UK PM Boris Johnson has… READ MORE »

Yachad’s Statement on Trump’s “Deal of the Century”

US President Donald Trump is set to release his Israel-Palestine peace plan imminently. Although the contents of the plan have been very closely guarded, a number of leaks and reports about the content of the agreement have indicated that the plan will move away from the two-state solution and instead focus on “new and different ways to reach peace”. It is likely to offer a ‘state-minus’ to the Palestinians, rather than an independent, sovereign state. Our Statement on Trump’s “Deal of the Century”: “Trump’s one-sided approach, that ignores the concerns and priorities of one of the parties, will only prolong… READ MORE »

Yachad’s response to the BoD’s decision to suspend the survey of deputies’ views on Israel

Yachad’s spokesperson response to the BoD’s decision to suspend the survey of deputies’ views on Israel: The BoD is wrong to scrap the survey of deputies’ views on Israel and should reverse this decision. A representative body, such as the BoD, should embrace an opportunity to find out what our community actually thinks, not fear it. The BoD claims that a survey will be too divisive, but in Jewish tradition divisions and arguments are celebrated, not silenced. Our strength as a community stems from our ability to disagree respectfully and being true to our values. It is concerning that the… READ MORE »

Statement on Lord Pickles’ comment regarding the Boycott, Divest and Sanctions (BDS) movement:

Our statement on the recent comments from Lord Pickles regarding the Boycott, Divest and Sanctions (BDS) movement, at a recent conference in Jerusalem: As British Jews who love Israel and care for the security of our community, we are committed to fighting all forms of antisemitism, racism and bigotry. We recognize that antisemitism can be disguised as anti-Israel or pro-Israel political views. We believe the tactics employed by the BDS movement are misguided and wrong. However, any proposal to ban public bodies from engaging with those who express support for BDS risks harming the right to free speech, whilst doing… READ MORE »