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Save Khan al-Ahmar!

As we approach the festival of Yom Kippur, it offers us an opportunity for reflection for the year passed and the year to come. The past year has been a difficult time for those of us committed to fighting for the Israel we believe in. The antisemitism debate has dominated the headlines, and we’ve stood in solidarity with the Jewish community, making it clear that it is possible to critically engage with Israel, whilst also speaking out against antisemitism. The year to come provides us with hope. We know things can change, with our help, for the better. For some… READ MORE »

Write to the Israeli ambassador about demolitions in Khan Al-Ahmar

Over the past few days Israel has been at the forefront of parliamentary debate. On Tuesday Israel’s bilateral trading relationship with the UK was the focus, yesterday Palestinian incitement was raised in further debate. But it was an urgent question about Khan Al Ahmar yesterday in the House of Commons that has created the headlines. Khan Al Ahmar is a Bedouin village in Area C of the West Bank that is facing an impending demolition any moment which would displace its 173 inhabitants. Over the past few days Israeli bulldozers have been in the village and whilst the demolition has… READ MORE »

Thank Middle East Minister Alistair Burt

This week, the Minister released a strong statement through a video message about the Israeli government’s decision to demolish the Palestinian Bedouin village Khan al-Ahmar east of Jerusalem, after the Israeli Supreme Court rejected the final appeal against the government’s decision. He said that the UK is very concerned about the impact of the demolition, warning that any forced relocation could constitute forcible transfer of people as far as the United Nations is concerned. As supporters of Israel, who believe that the only way Israel can preserve its future as a safe and secure, Jewish and democratic state is to create the… READ MORE »

Board of Deputies response to events on the Gaza border

Please sign this letter to the President and President-elect of the Board of Deputies Yesterday the Board of Deputies issued a statement on behalf of Anglo Jewry in response to the disaster that unfolded on the Gaza border, resulting in the death of 60 Gazans in one day – the single biggest loss of life in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict since the Israel-Gaza war of 2014. We are dismayed that, whilst the Board of Deputies statement rightfully apportioned blame to Hamas, it failed to mention the responsibility that lies with Israel for how it polices its borders, or acknowledge the highly… READ MORE »

Yachad Youth Say: Don’t Settle For This

We are a group of Jewish students & youth movements, actively involved in the Jewish community who care deeply about the future of Israel, and the future of all the peoples of the region. We represent 16 schools and universities across the UK, campaigning together against the Israeli government’s policy of issuing demolition orders on Palestinian villages in the West Bank. We believe that everyone deserves a home, and that unjust demolitions must end in order to create a climate of stability and hope in which peace can thrive. Many of us were on the Yachad Student Trip when we… READ MORE »

SISO: #BecauseWeCare

Yachad are joining SISO – Save Israel, Stop the Occupation, a global movement of Israelis and diaspora Jews campaigning for an end to the occupation, in their #BecauseWeCare campaign, letting the world and the Israeli government know that opposing the occupation is pro-Israel. Here is our message: We are writing as members of the Jewish community in the UK, deeply committed to the bond between our community and Israel. For 69 years, the State of Israel has not merely survived, it has flourished. For 69 years, British Jews have stood by Israel, in the good times and the bad, putting our… READ MORE »

Candidates’ Responses

Below you can find the current list of responses received to Yachad’s three questions for 2017 General Election candidates, listed alphabetically by constituency. If you have heard back from your candidates but their reply does not feature in the list below, please forward their email to Skip to a constituency: Cambridge East Dunbartonshire Enfield Southgate Finchley & Golders Green Hampstead & Kilburn Ilford North   Cambridge Julian Huppert, Liberal Democrat candidate: Thank you for the email, and for taking this stance. I agree that we need a two-state solution, and that the occupation and in particular the way Netanyahu… READ MORE »

Election 2017

The snap General Election falls in the same week as the 50th anniversary of the 6 Day War. While we go to the polls in the UK, Israel will be marking 50 years since the country’s survival was ensured in battle. Since then, however, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has raged on, and Israel’s future is threatened by 50 years of military occupation of the West Bank and the continued lack of progress towards a political resolution between Israel and the Palestinians. At Yachad, we’re committed to a safe and secure Israel at peace with the Palestinians. That’s why, in the run-up… READ MORE »


“The passing of the so-called ‘legalisation’ bill is a dark moment in the Knesset’s history. The law retroactively legalises at least 55 settlement outposts and nearly 4000 housing units that were built without permission on land owned by private Palestinian landowners in the West Bank. These outposts have always been considered illegal under Israeli law. The governing coalition has acted with disregard towards the rule of law, the rights of private Palestinian landowners and the basic security of ordinary Israelis. As supporters of Israel in the UK, we cannot sit by while its government legitimises common theft. We share the… READ MORE »

Partners To Peace

Yachad Youth have launched their exciting new Partners To Peace campaign, raising £8000 to support the Holy Land Trust, a Palestinian NGO based in Bethlehem, to train young people in non-violent activism and leadership. Click here to find out more, and click here to donate.