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Save Khan al-Ahmar!

As we approach the festival of Yom Kippur, it offers us an opportunity for reflection for the year passed and the year to come. The past year has been a difficult time for those of us committed to fighting for the Israel we believe in. The antisemitism debate has dominated the headlines, and we’ve stood in solidarity with the Jewish community, making it clear that it is possible to critically engage with Israel, whilst also speaking out against antisemitism. The year to come provides us with hope. We know things can change, with our help, for the better. For some… READ MORE »

Candidates’ Responses

Below you can find the current list of responses received to Yachad’s three questions for 2017 General Election candidates, listed alphabetically by constituency. If you have heard back from your candidates but their reply does not feature in the list below, please forward their email to Skip to a constituency: Cambridge East Dunbartonshire Enfield Southgate Finchley & Golders Green Hampstead & Kilburn Ilford North   Cambridge Julian Huppert, Liberal Democrat candidate: Thank you for the email, and for taking this stance. I agree that we need a two-state solution, and that the occupation and in particular the way Netanyahu… READ MORE »

Susiya: Further clarification information

The response from the Israeli embassy to individuals who have written to protest against demolitions in Susiya fails to include much of the context and history of both Susiya and the application of planning laws in Area C of the West Bank. Palestinians living in Area C build without permits because permits are extremely difficult, and often impossible, to get. 94% of applications from Palestinians in Area C were denied in 2014. Between 2000 and 2007, only 91 permits were granted; in 2010, only seven. The villagers of Khirbet Susiya submitted five alternative master-plans to the planning committee of the… READ MORE »

Susiya FAQs

Where is Susiya? Susiya is a Palestinian village in the South Hebron Hills of the West Bank. The majority of the village is in Area C which means it is under full Israeli control and any decisions about building and civilian infrastructure have to be dealt with by the Civil Administration which is a department of the IDF. How long has the village been there for? The Palestinian village of ‘Khirbet Susiya’ has existed in the South Hebron Hills since at least the 1830s. It is also marked on British mandate maps from 1917 (Click here to see maps from 1880, 1935… READ MORE »

Write to Prime-Minister Netanyahu

The election results from Israel, which come in the wake of a divisive and fear-mongering election campaign, are a wake-up call for all those who believe in a better Israel. The results are a wake-up call not just for Israelis but also for Jews across the world.  It is of course for Israelis to decide on who gets elected to the Knesset. However, when the Prime Minister of Israel makes it clear that he will never allow two-states for two-peoples, and runs a re-election campaign which drives wedges between communities – expressing concern that the ‘Arab community is coming out… READ MORE »