British Jews Speak Up Against Deadly Clashes in Gaza

14/05/18, London: British, Jewish pro-Israel group Yachad has said global leaders are responsible for the deadly clashes at Gaza border.

Protests near the Gaza border have escalated today with over 40 Palestinians reported killed by Israeli gunfire at Gaza border – the most violent clashes to date.

Some 40,000 demonstrators marched towards the border fence only hours before the opening ceremony of the new US embassy in Jerusalem. Hamas has reportedly called protestors to breach the heavily fortified border security fence.

The demonstrations against the US embassy move are also taking place on the 70th anniversary of Israel’s founding, a day before Nakba Day, “catastrophe”, which commemorates the more than 700,000 Palestinians who fled or were expelled during Israel’s 1948 Independence War.

Hannah Weisfeld, director of Yachad, said: 

“While Israeli and US officials are celebrating the opening of the new US embassy in Jerusalem and praising President Trump for his “magnificent tribute to peace”, 41 are reported dead in demonstrations at Gaza fence.

“The decision by President Trump to move the US embassy as at best naive, and at worst, designed to kick into the long-term abyss any notion of a political resolution between Israel and the Palestinian people.

“For any future negotiated solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to be successful, it must affirm the connection of both peoples to Jerusalem. There will be no ‘ultimate deal’ between Israelis and Palestinians without both Israeli and Palestinian capitals in Jerusalem. 

“The current absence of political leadership both in Israel, the occupied Palestinian territories and on the international stage that wishes to bring this conflict to an end is the reason we are witnessing this tragedy unfold. Until we see real leadership that is genuinely committed to solving the conflict with not just words but actions, we will continue to see these deadly rounds of violence.”

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