Britain shouldn’t follow Donald Trump’s lead in moving the embassy to Jerusalem

The Jewish Chronicle, January 15 2019

An ex-Israeli security chief, the former chief of staff to Ehud Barak and a tech entrepreneur present the case against a unilateral move from Tel Aviv.

The state of Israel was established as the democratic home for the Jewish people, in the spirit of its Declaration of Independence, as the need for such a home became evident after the holocaust of the Jewish people during the Second World War. Israel will be able to preserve its Jewish and democratic identity, as manifested in the symbols, the public holidays, the language, and the narrative, only if a Palestinian state will be established alongside it.

That is because it is a Palestinian state where millions of Palestinians need to reside, and that is the only way in which the state of Israel can include within its borders a clear Jewish majority. Needless to say, as stipulated in the Declaration of Independence, the Jewish majority will have an obligation to respect the rights of the Arab minority which will remain Israeli citizens. 

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