Board of Deputies response to events on the Gaza border

Please sign this letter to the President and President-elect of the Board of Deputies

Yesterday the Board of Deputies issued a statement on behalf of Anglo Jewry in response to the disaster that unfolded on the Gaza border, resulting in the death of 60 Gazans in one day – the single biggest loss of life in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict since the Israel-Gaza war of 2014.

We are dismayed that, whilst the Board of Deputies statement rightfully apportioned blame to Hamas, it failed to mention the responsibility that lies with Israel for how it polices its borders, or acknowledge the highly irresponsible role that the United States has played in fanning the flames of an already tense and volatile time, by opening its embassy in Jerusalem. It is regrettable that the Board of Deputies supported the move of the American embassy to Jerusalem, suggesting it would encourage other governments to follow suit, despite the fact it was a widely held opinion that it would result in increased violence, proved by the tragic events of Monday.

The Board of Deputies claims to represent Anglo-Jewry and its broad variety of opinion, but their decision to release this statement without any consultation would suggest it has no intention of doing so. The lack of balance and nuance in its statement can only serve to exacerbate tensions in a deeply tense environment.

Please sign this letter to the President and President-elect of the Board of Deputies expressing your dismay at the lack of balance in their statement and calling upon them to better represent the wide variety of opinions of British Jews.

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*UPDATE* We have now received an official response to our public letter which you can read in full here

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