Benjamin Netanyahu pledge to annex West Bank

September 10, 2019

“Netanyahu’s announcement shows the extent to which he is willing to completely undermine the possibility of any kind of resolution to the Israel-Palestine conflict.

“Annexation of the West Bank, partial or full, would make the State of Israel responsible for the daily lives of almost three million Palestinians living inside the West Bank.

“Annexation will force Israel to face a stark choice. Either it grants full equality to all Palestinians living in the West Bank, transforming itself into a bi-national state without a Jewish majority, or it refuses to grant those Palestinians equal rights, compromising the basic idea of a democratic state.

“Netanyahu’s words should serve as alarm bells to supporters of Israel who understand that Israel cannot survive as a Jewish and democratic state, without the conflict being resolved.

“Those who love Israel cannot afford to ignore these dangerous calls for annexation and must speak up for peace and an end to the occupation.”

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