An entire generation is demanding a future

Protesting holding up signs calling for HOPE in English, Arabic and Hebrew. Photo credit: Ben Reiff

While we have been following the Israeli protests from a distance in the last few months, Yachadnik Ben Reiff has been right in the centre of them. Read his first-hand account of the growing movement in Israel:

“For over a month, tens of thousands of Israelis have been taking to the streets several times per week to protest against their government. I’ve been participating in the major protests in Jerusalem (where I’ve been living for the past year), adding my voice to those calling for change here.

The protestors are by no means unified in their demands, but they all agree that the current social, political and economic situation cannot be allowed to go on. What’s been inspiring (and perhaps surprising) to see in these demonstrations is the strong anti-occupation messaging that a significant section of protestors are bringing, and the way in which that is being accepted without hostility by the protest movement as a whole.

An entire generation is demanding a future, and we can only hope that these protests are the start of real progress towards peace, equality and social justice across Israel-Palestine.”

You can follow Ben’s live reporting from the weekly protests on Twitter.

Will Netanyahu manage to weather this political storm? Will these protests mark a beginning of a new political era in Israel? Who are the leaders of this movement and what do they want?

Join Yachad this Sunday for a live briefing to discuss these questions and more with one of Israel’s top diplomatic journalists, Barak Ravid (Walla News, Axios) and Rula Daood, the Co-National Director of Standing Together, the Jewish-Arab movement for peace, equality and social justice of Israel.

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Barak Ravid is the senior diplomatic correspondent for Israel’s Walla News website. Previously, Ravid was the diplomatic correspondent for Haaretz newspaper and Channel 13. Ravid covered the Prime Minister’s Office, the Foreign Ministry and the Ministry of Defence, dealing with issues such as U.S.-Israeli relations, EU-Israeli relations and the peace process. Before joining Haaretz, Ravid worked for two years for Maariv daily newspaper, spending a year covering the Palestinian Authority and a year as a diplomatic correspondent.

Rula Daood is the Co-National Director of Standing Together, the joint Arab-Jewish progressive grassroots movement, which mobilises people around issues of peace, equality and social justice in Israel. Rula is a speech pathologist in her training and former profession. She started her activism in her current city of Lod around issues of women’s rights and gun violence and promoting partnerships in mixed cities. Rula worked as a community organizer at Standing Together for 2 years where she produced numerous events and organised protests with hundreds of activists before being appointed a Co-National Director.

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