Yachad Fellowship

Yachad Activism Fellowship Requirements 2020-2021 


Why do the Yachad Activism Fellowship? 

The Yachad Activism Fellowship is an opportunity for young people who are pro-Israel and pro-peace to develop their activism and leadership skills and acquire expansive knowledge of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.  

Fellows will develop and foster the skills, experience and confidence to lead the Israel conversation in communal Jewish spaces and take up positions of leadership in the community. Expert led sessions with politicians, journalists and academics will provide fellows with tools and knowledge they need to take their Israel advocacy to the next level.  

In March, the fellows will go on a three-day study tour to Ireland where they will learn how the various parties of the conflict in Northern Ireland were eventually able to come to a peaceful resolution. Fellows will meet the actors involved as well as those who continue to work on building relations between these two countries and their people. 

All costs of the fellowship will be covered by Yachad, including travel expenses to meetings and the educational trip to Ireland.  


Eligibility of participants: 

  • The Yachad Activists Fellowship is open to current British Jewish Students, recent graduates and young adults 
  • Fellows should be involved in Jewish student communal life, a Jewish youth movement or other communal Jewish spaces 
  • Fellow should have prior knowledge about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict 
  • It is preferable but not necessary that fellows have gone on the Yachad student trip 

As part of the Yachad fellowship, fellows will be required to: 

  • Attend the introductory training seminar in London in September 
  • Participate in three online meetings and four training days throughout the year 
  • Attend the fellowship educational trip to Ireland in March 
  • Organise at least two events in their communities or beyond
  • Contribute to the annual youth campaign 
  • Help organise the annual Yachad student conference 
  • Complete a brief end of year report


Further details/guidelines:  


Fellow activism in communal Jewish spaces: 

  • As part of the fellowship, fellows must organise at least 2 events on campus, in their youth movement, synagogue or other communal Jewish spaces 
  • Examples could include: an educational event, a discussion group, a film screening, an event for a Yachad speaker tour 
  • Fellows will also be involved in organising the campaign and conference


  • Fellows must attend four seminars throughout the year – travel will be reimbursed 
  • The content of these seminars will be twofold:  

1) Enhance knowledge:  

  • Fellows will have the opportunity to broaden their knowledge about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, meeting with experts and via video link to the region (MKs, security experts, activists) 
  • We will also look at Jewish teachings and what Judaism teaches us about conflict and activism 

2) Develop activism skills:  

  • Sessions to develop leadership skills such as: community building, op-ed writing, media training, debating skills and panel chairing 
  • Fellows will also learn about how we can influence policy in the UK and pressure our own government to act 
  • Sessions will be run by experts in each field; journalists, MPs, academics and activists.

Ireland trip: 

  • On the three-day trip to Ireland, fellows will explore the process of peace building and reconciliation in the lead-up to the Good Friday Agreement, as well as a look at how violence and partition affected the two different communities in Belfast. 
  • We’ll be meeting with politicians and peace activists who were involved in the peace process, as well as visiting major landmarks and meeting with different peace building initiatives. 
  • The trip will be framed around the Israeli-Palestinian conflict – we’ll look at the similarities between the two conflicts and ways in which we can use Ireland as a model for peace.  


If you have any questions, please get in touch with Esther Yachad on Facebook or email esther@yachad.org.uk 

Applications will close August 30th