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Hannah Weisfeld – Director

Hannah is the director and a founder of Yachad. She grew up London and in her teens and early twenties was very involved in the Zionist youth movement Habonim Dror, and served as its education director for two years on completion of her undergraduate degree. She has campaigned professionally on a wide range of issues including climate change, the conflict in Darfur and fair-trade. She previously chaired the Jewish Social Action Forum for two years, bringing together leading Jewish communal organisations to develop the community’s social action agenda and also worked as a consultant for the Pears Foundation. She has spent time living and working in Israel and Malawi and holds a BA in English Literature from Sussex University and MSc in Global Politics from the London School of Economics. Hannah is a trustee of Guys Trust, a charity that creates educational opportunities for young people all over the world, and Masambiro, which supports Kunyanja Education Trust, a community based organisation in Northern Malawi.

Maya Ilany – Deputy Director

Prior to joining Yachad in 2018, Maya worked in Parliament for senior Labour MP Ian Austin, running his busy Westminster office. She has previously worked for various Israeli media outlets both in Israel and the UK. Growing up in Israel, Maya served in the IDF for three years as a journalist and presenter in the official forces radio station, broadcast across the country. Maya holds a BSc in Economics and Politics from Queen Mary, University of London.

Lisa Bain – Office Manager & Administrator

Lisa joined Yachad in early 2016 after returning to London from travels through Asia and the Middle East. Having worked in the design sector for over a decade following studies in Design Crafts at University of London, Lisa moved into the charity sector after four months of travel and voluntary work in India. With a continued interest in the relationships between people and objects, particularly the rituals of food and family, the Middle East has always been a great focal point of study.  In her spare time, she volunteers at the Food Cycle Scheme and is a qualified yoga teacher, practising daily in North London.

Esther Craven – Youth & Students Outreach Worker

Esther is Yachad’s Youth and Student Outreach Worker. A former Yachad intern, she graduated from the University of Manchester with a degree in French and Spanish and was involved in campaigning at the University for equal education opportunities, as well as fundraising for the University’s charitable projects. Esther has also worked as an English teacher and translator, as well as working on the fundraising and campaigns team for Marie Curie. Esther was also involved with RSY while at university and is a member of New Stoke Newington Synagogue.

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Karina Litvack

Karina Litvack’s background is in the City, where she has specialised in corporate governance and sustainability for over two decades, as well as serving on a number of corporate and non-profit boards and advisory bodies.  She now serves as board director of Italian oil & gas company Eni and the non-profit Business for Social Responsibility; as advisor to two financial services companies (Bridges Ventures, Cornerstone Capital); and as member of the CEO Advisory Panel of German technology company SAP.  Her particular focus has been on mobilising the power of the financial markets to drive more responsible, long-term oriented corporate behaviour.Karina became involved in Yachad because she believes that the British Jewish community can only benefit from more open and constructive debate about the Israeli government’s behaviour and its congruence with Jewish values, and that the nature of Diaspora-Israel relations should evolve beyond lending unquestioning support.

Larry Shulman

Larry is a Strategic Leadership Consultant, working with senior leaders in a diverse range of organisations in health, education, private sector organisations and charities. In his youth, he was involved with Habonim Dror and later served as Education Director for the Union of Jewish Students. He is a Board member of Lead, the leadership development arm of the JLC, and also Co-Chairs a leadership development programme for Jewish youth and student movement workers. He is married, with two children at JFS.

Gideon Smith (chair)

Gideon is Chief Investment Officer for a global equity fund manager. He is a graduate of Machon L’Madrichei Chutz L’Aretz and worked as a fieldworker at the Union of Jewish Students. He also spent a number of years volunteering for Limmud, both as a trustee and organising the annual winter conference. He is a former member of Gamechangers, a leadership training programme run by the JLC and a current board member of Lead, the leadership development arm of the JLC. He represents Hampstead Garden Suburb United Synagogue at the Board of Deputies and is married with three children.

Amos Schonfield

Amos is Yachad’s former Youth & Student Outreach Worker. He has represented Yachad at the Board of Deputies since 2015, where he sits on the International Division. Amos is currently completing a Masters in Migration Studies at the University of Oxford. He worked at the Zionist youth movement Noam Masorti Youth between 2014 and 2016, where he spent one year as National Director and co-chaired the Zionist Youth Council. Amos was a Yachad activist and campaigner while studying International Relations at the University of Leeds, and has previously studied at JFS School and the Conservative Yeshiva, Jerusalem.

Tommer Spence

Tommer is a PhD student at Warwick Medical School, and has previously studied in Edinburgh and Brighton. He grew up visiting Israel regularly due to his Israeli father, and participated in the Yachad student trip in 2016. Following this, Tommer was a New Gen Activism Fellow with the New Israel Fund and joined a Center for Jewish Nonviolence delegation. He has worked for a number of charities and the UK parliament, and is also a trustee of the Nightline Association.

Simon Sadie

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Ella Grodzinki

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