45 rockets, mortars fired from Gaza – 20 June 2018

Another sleepless night for Israeli communities surrounding the Gaza Strip with Code Red sirens sounded all night long from 1:14 am until 5:51 am.

More than 40 rockets and mortar shells fired at Israel from Gaza last night, some causing damage. Seven intercepted by Iron Dome, three landed inside Gaza. One mortar shell exploded on a pathway near a nursery in Eshkol Regional Council. These barrages were commenced after the Israeli Air Force struck a Hamas post in response to incendiary balloons launched from the strip in recent weeks.

Firing indiscriminately into a civilian population is an unacceptable use of force and should be wholeheartedly condemned. Without a political agreement, and political leadership in the region and the international community to forge one, the violence on the Gaza border will continue with all peoples living in a constant state of fear.

Photo: Eshkol region

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